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Animal Iridology

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Animal Iridology

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Animal Iridology is the science of assessing an animals health by analyzing the fiber structure, color and markings of the iris of the eye. By assessing the various markings within a animals iris, a trained iridologist can detect past, present and future (developing) health issues. Ideally, developing health issues can then be addressed long before they become a problem that will affect the animals performance.

Animal Iridology enables the constitution of the animal to be assessed, shows organ and inherited strengths and weaknesses, where tissue is damaged or imbalanced, the extent of the damage and whether it is old or new. Iridology can also detect muscle spasms, digestion issues and can indicate if temperament changes may be a result of a physical problem. Iridology can often provide an explanation for a animals lack of performance or re-occurrence of an injury/problem.

Why use Iridology?

  • Before buying a new pet: iridology can alert potential owners to past or ongoing health issues so that these can be managed effectively.

  • Before breeding from a animal: ideally both the Dam and Sire can be assessed for inherited strengths and weaknesses

  • If a animal is showing behavioral issues: iridology can assess if there is an underlying physical reason for the behavioral issue

  • If you have any health concerns over your pet

  • If your animals performance drops, for no apparent reason

  • A general ‘MOT’ for your pet: can assess if the current feed and management regime is suited to your pet

Iridology monitors movements towards disease and towards health. As the tissues become less inflamed or toxic the iris registers the treatment response and healing process. Iridology helps pet owners to become more aware of their animals strengths and weaknesses, and therefore to become more conscious of what they can do to help them.


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